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Brock keeps me bare-ass around the apartment so he or any xvideos mom of his friends who happen to stop xvideos brasil by can look me over and decide if they want to use my ass or xvids mouth right then and there. And he has LOTS of friends who stop by all the time, so I end up taking lots of showers during the day. I'm in heaven, except for one thing: I have trouble keeping weight off because of all the calories mom xvideos I'm taking xvidio in from swallowing guys' cum! Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 18:48:46 -0500 From: G -Man Subject: Earning Extra Cash - Part 1 WARNING !!! The following story contains x.videos graphic www xvideos.com depictions of consensual www.xvideo male/male sexual acts. If you find this type of material to be offensive, or are under the legal age in your area to view such material, then STOP now and leave. This story is comprised of fantasy and reality, only I know where the differences are. All real names of the persons and places in this story have been changed to avoid any conflict with hypocritical right wingers. This story is written by The G-Man at Comments welcomed. Flames ignored. To see a list of my other xvideos.com stories, please go to the Nifty Archive and click on AUTHORS, then scroll down until you see G-Man. Enjoy......... Earning Extra Cash - Part 1 I was hanging out with my much younger cousin Nate and his friend Dave. Nate is 19 and xvideos free Dave is 17, while I was considerably older than them at 35. From the time he was old enough to really remember, Nate xvidios had always spent a lot of time with me. I took him www.xvideo.com everywhere. Camping, fishing, riding bike, to the movies, everywhere. He was like a little brother to me and he looked up to me in the same way, not like some old stodgy grownup. I had always let him do pretty much what he wanted as long as he was not getting into trouble. Anyway, the three of us were walking through the mall one-day, scoping out the chicks. I played along, as they did not know that I was gay. I had always hidden that aspect of my desi xvideos life from him and everybody else. Nate and Dave were www xvideos also constantly drooling over the nice things in the mall that they wanted to buy, but did not have the funds to get. They started joking around about ways to earn some extra cash so they could obtain the CD's, clothes, and other wwwxvideos things that they wanted. "If I were you", I said to Nate, half jokingly pointing at Dave, "I would pimp out this xvideos.com guy for money". "Yeah, good idea", Nate replied. "Uh, I don't think so www xvideos.com guys", Dave quickly snapped back. "Why not?" I asked, "I know lots of women and a few men who would pay good money to fuck with you" "No way!" they both laughed at xvideos indonesia the seemingly ridiculous idea. 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At first they both piped in that they would certainly reach for the light, and if it was a guy, they would kick his ass. Damn kids were on the defense now. They had to show how "manly", or "macho" they were. You know, to let another guy suck you off would mean you were gay. Yeah right! I think it just means you like getting your cock sucked. Damn society for turning people into homophobes! I told them porn xvideos desi xvideos that I would absolutely let the "mystery person" suck away until I blew my load down his or her throat, and that I would not care one way or another as long as I got my rocks off and they xvidios wanted to do it, it would be xvideos in fine by me. Then Nate posed, what I thought was a rather curious, question to me. He asked, "Would you suck another xxx videos guys cock for one million dollars?" www xvideos com "Hell yeah. x vedios Heck, I would xvideos porn do it xvideo.com for fifty thousand dollars. No wait, I would do it for a hundred dollars." 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For the next several days, I could not get Dave and our conversation out of my head. Then, with luck on my side, the phone rang. It was Dave. "Hi, Greg. Hope I'm not bothering you. I got your number from Nate." My heart skipped a beat. "Hell no you're not bothering me. What can I do for you?" I already knew what xvideos .com I wanted to do for him. "I was wondering about our conversation from the other day. I was hoping I could come over xx videos and talk to you about it." "Sure. Come on over, I don't have anything going on today at all." I xvideos .com tried not to sound too excited. I gave him directions, then waited for him to show up. About porn xvideos a half-hour later, Dave was knocking at my door. He came in and I told him xvido to make himself comfortable. He took a seat www.xvideo at one end of the sofa; I sat at the other end facing him. He was wearing a sleeveless muscle shirt that really showed off his nicely sculpted